Field Dynamics Global Research Boutique’s main Priority is to provide personalized service from start to finish. We are in partnership with our clients and the relationship we build with you is the foundation that helps us reach our goals together. Field Dynamics engages in a variety of conventional as well as other methodologies. We have the ability to recruit between healthcare, B2B and consumer projects without missing a beat. We offer field management, moderation and focus groups in-house or online as needed. We also offer ethnography recruiting and management as well. Ethnography research has become very popular for that natural observation of respondents in their own homes or watching consumers in a shopping environment with a client (SAL).

Research Methodologies

-Qualitative focus groups, in-depth interviews, teledepths, online bulletin board recruiting, usability testing.

-Quantitative telephone surveys, taste tests and car clinics and large placement projects.

-Ethnographic in home research and shop alongs

Specialty Research Areas

-Consumer Satisfaction, behavior testing

-Mock Juries

-New Product Development

-Political Research

-Package Design Testing

-Product Positioning

-Public Opinions Polls

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